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Where To Find Templates And Patterns For Quilting?

Different individuals have various passions, interests and hobbies they do during their leisure time. On the other hand, some of these individuals even turn these hobbies into home businesses and succeed in it. So, some of these hobbies are artwork, stitching, music and the list continues. Of the hobbies and interests that individuals are engaged in hand quilting is a popular choice. Even though at present, you might think that it’s outdated, it actually is not. This is something that is interesting and also helps you be creative and design different patterns and styles. Even though quilting began in the 18th century, these techniques have been continuously developing with novel patterns. Moreover, it’s truly wonderful how people could create great pieces with just fabric and quilting thread. 

So, you would have happened to read about this in a newspaper article and it triggered some motivation to learn it. So are you interested in learning about hand quilting? Even though at present, there are machines to do it, you could always try it yourself. However, you need to have the patience, concentration and above all the passion to start on a project. With that said, you might be wondering where to find good lessons or resources to learn this new skill? Here are some of the suggestions for finding resources and mastering this art:

 Newspapers or magazines

If you look through the arts and crafts section in the newspaper, you would be able to find many hand quilting tutorials along with simple to hard patterns. Or, you could also check out magazines that have a section for knitting, quilting, etc. instructions. However, depending on the paper quality the pictures might not be clear and fewer details.

 Books

On the other hand, visit a bookshop or library and find books on quilting. These resources would be a better option than newspaper cut outs. They have detailed pictures and instructions, which are much more helpful for beginners. There are step-by-step guidelines and other support material as well.

 Online Resources

Alternatively, with the help of the Internet, you could access live pictures and hand quilting tutorials via the following mediums.Therefore, it’s much clearer and easy to learn. Those who are visual learners could gain a lot of help from these resources.

– Blogs

– Videos

There are many hand quilting designs and patterns that you could find through the resources listed above. However, not every resource is detailed and provides simple and visual guidelines. As a fact, you should thoroughly search through so that, you would not want to give up, before you even start to learn it.